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Maria Inês Teixeira

Cambridge-certified teacher and language geek born and raised in Portugal. I speak five languages, have lived in three different countries and have made it my mission to teach languages to others and make it as fun and fast as possible.

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What teaching today means: Six reflections
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Much has changed since teaching came to be.From individual mentorship to lectures in huge auditorium...

How to set and meet your teaching goals this year: 8 tips
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We, humans, love setting goals. The difficult thing is accomplishing them!How often have you decided...

Three in-class approaches to increasing student confidence
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Another day. You walk into the classroom.Students have occupied the back seats, but the front ones a...

How (and why) to encourage failure in your classroom
min read min

Some refuse to speak.Some prefer not to participate.Some turn red every time you mention their name....

Simple tricks to flip these six common teacher habits
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“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”.Van Gogh’s ...

So a student cried in class? Here are 11 approaches to take
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If you have been teaching for some time now, you’ve likely seen a student cry in class. The reasons ...

Christmas activities for adult learners and a diverse classroom
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Christmas is approaching.As a teacher, you might be feeling excited…or deflated as the year comes to...

6 New Year activities to get your adult learners chatting
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New Year’s Eve is a powerful time for people around the world, but it carries challenges for languag...