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Vinod Aithal

Vinod is a freelance writer and editor, currently based in London, UK. He taught English for four years in South Korea, Italy, and the UK before working for EF for six years, creating thousands of hours of material for EF’s digital learning platforms.

Vinod holds a masters degree in organisational psychology and currently divides his time between studying to be a lawyer, working as a community legal adviser, writing, and spending time with his children. He is currently learning Mandarin Chinese and German.

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Integrating Social Media into EFL Lessons: Enhancing Communication Skills and Presenting Language in Natural Use Situations
4 min read 4 min

Social media algorithms are specifically designed to present users with appealing and engaging conte...

The Importance of Building a Classroom Library: Creating a Reading Culture in the Classroom
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Books are powerful tools in language learning. They provide examples of authentic language and expos...

3 Activity Adaptations to Boost Student Participation in Class
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Active participation is what makes a class successful. Engaging in discussions, sharing thoughts and...

Fostering a Love for Reading: Strategies for Engaging Reluctant Readers
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One of the jobs of a teacher is to help reluctant readers find a passion for reading. This isn’t oft...

Nurturing a Growth Mindset in English Class: Encouraging Resilience and Perseverance
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There’s a story about a successful golfer. After he hit a hole in one, someone said to him: ‘I’ve ne...

The Power of Authentic Experiences: Incorporating Video into English Classes
min read min

When we use language, we’re not just getting meaning from the words we hear. We also use visual cues...