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Erin Walton

Erin is a writer and translator with experience teaching English in general and exam preparation settings. She lives in Chile and can usually be found above a keyboard, halfway through a book, or under the influence of too much caffeine.

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Simple strategies to keep your resolutions this academic year
min read min

A new year. A blank page. (Or perhaps a clean whiteboard?) For some, the new year is incredibly insp...

23 teaching quotes to energize you this semester
min read min

The semester is well and truly underway; bringing highs (student light bulb moments, a surprisingly ...

Why webinars are the new best way to advance your career
3 min read 3 min

If our great-grandparents could see how the workplace functions now, they would be agape. Sure, we’r...

Four ideas for project work in the language classroom
min read min

Projects take students’ noses out of their workbooks and help them foster writing, speaking, listeni...

Your mini guide to surviving report card season
4 min read 4 min

When every teacher’s favorite time of year comes around – *eyeroll* – it’s tempting to melt into one...

Eight ways (and five videos) to teach homonyms
min read min

One of the great things about learning a foreign language is discovering its quirks. Homonyms – word...

Teaching outside: what to consider (and five activities to try)
min read min

Hands up who’s had a class (or a week!) full of students suffering from cabin fever. We thought so. ...

13 ways to use a voice recorder in class
min read min

Previously only carried by reporters in press hats, thanks to smartphones, voice recorders are now i...

How to create excellent handouts – 10 tips
min read min

The classic handout is one of teaching’s most used resources. But what makes a good handout? Here, E...

20 simple questions to evaluate your lesson
min read min

Teachers usually have a gut feeling about their lessons. (Which may swing between commiserating over...

19 ways to challenge yourself as a teacher
min read min

In education, we often talk about how to challenge our students—but what about ourselves as teachers...

10 tips for bigger, better productivity
4 min read 4 min

A teacher’s work is never complete: New lessons, students, semesters, years, and subjects continuall...