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Why webinars are the new best way to advance your career

Why webinars are the new best way to advance your career

If our great-grandparents could see how the workplace functions now, they would be agape. Sure, we’re not commuting to work in flying cars or conversing with our bosses via hologram – but we are more wireless, remote, and independent than ever before. Take webinars, for example. While a professional development workshop used to be a commute away, now you can log on and click in to quality learning anytime, any place. Not a webinar fan yet? Here’s why you should consider being one.

Non-tech? Not a problem

If your technical abilities don’t extend far beyond opening up your web browser, then you’re in luck – that’s basically all it takes. Can you open an email, follow a link, paste in your log in information, and hit play? We thought so.

Keep up to date with trends

Remain informed about news in your industry. For teachers, this could be ways to use mobile technology in class, how to improve your board work, new ideas for exploiting reading and listening materials, or advice for motivating students.

Find them for free

There’s no use knowing something is great for your career if it costs a million dollars, right? Be happy: teachers can enjoy free, quality webinars presented by professionals about interesting, on-trend topics in education.

Never-ending content

Quality webinars for teachers are constantly being produced. EF’s own free six-part webinar series runs twice a year, with new presenters scheduled for each release. With endless presentations and tips, where’s the downside?

Connect around the world

Depending on the webinar host, there may be an associated Facebook community, LinkedIn group, or added forum where attendees can submit questions to the speaker and share insights before and after a presentation. These are great ways to talk and “meet” other professionals in your field. However, even if you can’t chat directly the knowledge that you’re attending the same webinar together – while scattered around the world – is motivating in itself.

Kitchen tables welcome

Thanks to the miracle of the internet, webinars can be easily accessed from anywhere. That’s right: kitchen tables, classrooms, living room floors, cafés, libraries, trains – even bedrooms – are legit places to be.

Boost your teaching credentials

Any good recruiter will tell you to continually grow your CV – even when you’re not job-hunting. Taking advantage of different opportunities for professional development not only informs your teaching, but can give your new credentials – such as our Teacher Development Certificate – to add to your CV.

Get great resources

Presenters often send out notes, powerpoint slide decks, handouts, and links to useful videos and research. Teachers always need to add quality resources to their arsenal – and webinars are a fantastic way to obtain these.

Study in your own time

Whether the webinar is part of a course of study, or you would personally benefit from a period of time to read resources, digest content, and put into practice what was taught; the good news is that you are free to complete this additional work whenever you like. This makes webinars easy to fit in around your other professional and personal commitments.

So there you have it! Why not make this year the year of the webinar and discover new ways to approach teaching, courtesy of other educational professionals?

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