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Erin Walton

Erin is a writer and translator with experience teaching English in general and exam preparation settings. She lives in Chile and can usually be found above a keyboard, halfway through a book, or under the influence of too much caffeine.

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Daily mindfulness for students: 6 activities
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At a time when school and home pressures mean it’s not uncommon to see signs of stress amongst stude...

Here’s what you need to thrive as a teacher this year
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The start of a new year, new semester—even a new week!—calls for a blank slate. This New Year, focus...

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Ever looked at your young learners and wondered if you’ve been dropped into a cage of monkeys? Natur...

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While teenagers have a talent for looking at the adults in their lives with keen suspicion, it’s a s...

Even more outdoor activities (to enjoy that great weather!)
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When spring rolls around you can practically hear everyone’s better mood. Warmer, longer days make f...

Six super-flexible vocabulary guessing games
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Because there will never not be vocabulary to practice, these quick activities are perfect for anyti...

Reduce teacher stress with these 7 daily mindfulness tips
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Despite the trappings of modern life, it turns out our brains are still largely animal-like in the w...

Teacher interview series: Is a career in teacher-training for you?
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The education sector has many pathways for teachers. Here, we invited teacher-trainer Anne de Leon t...

Why this one habit can transform your teaching
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As the semester comes to a close, your mind may have already turned to long lunches, beach holidays,...

Got an unmotivated student? Try these 12 tips
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No matter how cohesive the class, there’s usually one student who just isn’t, let’s say, feeling it....

Older and wiser: What I’d tell first-year teachers
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As recent graduates and intrepid career-changers take their first steps as teachers, we thought it w...

Seven ways freelance teachers can create their own staffroom
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Flexible class times, varied work environments, and location independence are some of the benefits f...